Trinity Symbol

What is the Trinity?

Trinity Symbol

Has anyone ever asked you to explain the “Trinity” and you couldn’t? The best answer you could come up with in your mind was, “That’s the name of Neo’s girlfriend in the Matrix movies”. Since the person who was asking you the question may never have seen the Matrix Trilogy, and if they did they kept quiet about it, you responded with, “Well, that’s God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.”, and you said it in a very religious, deep voice, so they thought you knew what you were talking about. They pretty much believed you, because if they knew, they wouldn’t have asked you. Then you quickly changed the subject.


So, the next time someone asks you this question, hopefully we can help you answer them in a way that is “theologically” sound and easy for them to understand, because that’s what JESUS did. What He said was “theologically” sound and easy to understand simultaneously. That’s one of the many things JESUS’ is great at.

Here’s an illustration you can use. Say to them, “Think of God as water. All water is essentially H2O. Water can either be a solid (ice), a liquid (drinking water), or a vapor (steam). All three are H2O, yet depending on whatever form it is, H2O does entirely different things. That’s the same way the “Trinity” is.”

“When it’s a solid (ice) it’s used to cool things down or to preserve food. When it’s in a liquid form (drinking water) it’s used primarily to preserve our lives. Under normal conditions, a person can go weeks without food. They can’t go weeks without water and live. It’s also used to maintain crops as well as cleaning various things; such as clothes, cars, and ourselves. When H2O is heated up it becomes a vapor (steam). In this form it has been used to provide heat to rooms through a radiator system, as well as used to power early trains and steamboats.”

Trinity Explained

“All 3 forms of water are H2O yet all 3 can do entirely different things based upon what form it is in. It’s the same way with the Trinity. All 3 members are different, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Each one does something different from the others, yet all 3 are still God.”

The scriptural reference to ‘God the Father” shows up the majority of the time in the New Testament. He is the final authority on everything in our universe. His power, or that which makes Him Almighty God, is the Holy Spirit. In order for us to properly understand Him, He sent His Son JESUS to show us His true nature. And His true nature is a nature of giving.

Almighty God could not physically die for us on the cross. Only His Son, JESUS, could do that. JESUS, who never did anything wrong, in His entire 33 ½ years of human life, died slowly and horribly for us, who have done a lot wrong. If you’re a parent which would be more painful to you? You watching your child go through pain and suffering or you going through the pain and suffering yourself? The answer is obvious. How many times have you seen your child go through pain and you wished you could take it on yourself? But you couldn’t do that, could you? That’s what God the Father went through as He watched His Son slowly die on that cross. It was so bad He had to look away. These two instances give us the definition of God the Father and God the Son. Both are God, but they did different things.

But what about God, the Holy Spirit? God the Holy Spirit is the power by which God the Father raised JESUS (God the Son) from the dead. God the Father did not physically go into the earth and physically bring up JESUS, but God the Holy Spirit did. The physical resurrection of JESUS is the central theme of true Christianity.

All three are God. Yet all three do different things. This is also a great way to point someone to JESUS.

Another way to understand the “Trinity” is to look at “time” itself. All of “time” can be described in one of 3 ways; past, present and future. All 3 are recognized as “time”, yet each one is different from the other 2. The past includes everything that has occurred up to this point. The present is right now. The future is that which is to come. You could tell someone, “Everything you have ever done in the past can be eliminated from the mind of God right now. No matter how bad you were, no matter what your life has been up to this point in time, God the Father will blot it out of His mind. And from this point in time, or now, you can start a new life. And your new life can become better and better in the future. You can get a “new life” right now.”

Past Present Future Trinity

Hopefully, this will help someone to better understand the “Trinity” and at the same time give them a way to share the “gospel” with anyone who asks, “What is the Trinity?”

With Love, Cincinnati Christian

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