This post will probably be the shortest post that we have ever put out there. The reason for that is quite simple. We have in our possession everything we need to convince our family and friends to become Christians. That may come as a surprise to some of you, but nevertheless, it’s the truth. 

Let’s consider, briefly, all the various ways that we have tried to convince our loved ones to follow Jesus, and they haven’t worked.  

#1 We have invited them to church and they didn’t accept our invitation. The reason they didn’t accept it, and in order to spare our feelings they don’t tell us this, is simply because they didn’t see the benefit in going to our churches. They’ve been watching us and if we don’t know how to overcome, which means to succeed, in their minds, and again they are too nice to say this to us, going to our churches is a waste of their time. They won’t say that to us, but that is exactly what they are thinking. How can we show others how to win in this life if we ourselves don’t know how to? 

#2 We have told them what a wonderful thing it is to be a Christian. And yet our lives, with all the problems, situations and various circumstances, are no better than their lives. The same problems that we face, they also face. The problem is we get the same results that they do, which is frustration, fear and not really knowing how to overcome every problem that we face in this life.

#3 We have adopted a religious attitude towards following Jesus. We have been told that this is what a Christian does do, and this is what a Christian doesn’t do. In effect, we have set up a standard that they can’t possibly measure up to.


#1 All of us, daily, need to fall in love with Jesus. When we are in love with someone we do everything in our power to make them happy. When a person is in love with someone they can’t hide it. It just comes out. All of us need to spend quality time with Jesus every day. It is a sad reality that most of us spend more time doing unnecessary things every day than we spend in our relationship with Him. We need to make the quality decision to spend time with Jesus by reading about Him, every day. When we do that, the same as we do with any person that we love, we become more like Him.

#2 All of us need to adopt the attitude that if anybody is going to bring them to Jesus, it’s going to be us. We need to get away from this idea that others are more qualified to portray Jesus than we are. When we really love someone, we can’t hide it. And when we really love someone it’s just human nature that others want to find the same love that we have. The reason for this is simple, when you have someone better than those around you, THEY WANT WHO YOU HAVE.

#3 We need to adopt the words of John 1:1-4 and verse 14. We are not going to write these verses out for you. You need to open up the New Testament for yourself and let HIM speak to you in your heart so that you may know your hearing from Him and not some blogger.

If you’ll do #3, and let Him speak to your heart, and start following His guidance, you’ll be surprised at how fast and how many of your loved ones will start asking you questions about how to get WHO you have.

With Love, Cincinnati Christian

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  1. I think sometimes we are intimidated by our family. They know us and all our faults. BUT if we don’t give them the “good news”, who will? We can plant the seed and let someone else water.


    1. Dear Faye,

      I greatly appreciate you taking the time to comment on the post. I know it can seem very difficult to bring our family members into the new birth. But take courage, Jesus experienced the exact same thing (Matthew 12:46-50, Mark 3:31-35) before He went to the cross. It wasn’t until after His resurrection that they truly believed He was the Son of God (Acts 1:14). The only family member that believed in Him during His earthly ministry was His mother. So you can easily see you’re experiencing the same problem that Jesus did. But you keep planting seed and you just keep loving them.


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