DARYL GORDON (3/26/2015)

DARYL GORDON – One Who Laid Down His Life For Others And Because Of This He Will Be Honored By Almighty God Throughout Eternity

In a dark world filled with people who are willing to die to kill others, Daryl Gordon stands out as a bright star shining in the darkness. He gave his life in an attempt that others would have life. He didn’t know these people, and he had nothing to gain (money, fame or the praise of others) and yet he gave his life trying to preserve the lives of complete strangers. Daryl, like so many other firemen and policemen, put his life on the line every day to try to save people he didn’t know. He is an example, as are all of them, of what Jesus did on the cross. Jesus laid His life down for millions of humans that at that time He didn’t know. And that is EXACTLY what Daryl did. He laid his life down for people he didn’t even know.

We, as citizens of this city, do not deserve to have men and women of this quality to every day go out there and put their lives on the line for us. Many talk a good game, few walk it. All of them are under paid, under-appreciated and pretty much ignored until we need them. This has nothing to do with politics but everything to do with giving honor to whom honor is due. Daryl Gordon is a far better human being than I am. He gave his life so that others could live.

I don’t know if his loved ones will ever read these words. I do not know how deeply the pain of him being absent will affect them, I just don’t know. But here’s what I do know, there is no higher calling, no higher destiny, and no higher honor in the eyes of Almighty God than the ones who give their lives in sacrifice for people they don’t even know.  

So the next time you happen to see a fireman or a police officer, just walk up to them, stick your hand out to them and say, “Thank you for what you do every day of your life.” And it wouldn’t hurt to maybe to pay for a meal, a pie or a cup of coffee for them that is the very least we can do.

Cincinnati Christian


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