Another Monday.
Another Monday

So, you went to church this morning. Good for you! Did you hear anything or experience anything that will do you any good tomorrow morning? Were you taught how to pray? Were you taught how to get out of debt? Were you taught how you can be healed of sickness and disease? Were you taught how to lead someone to Jesus? Were you taught how to fight against and overcome all the crap you are going to experience this coming week? If your answer to any of these questions is “No”, we have another question for you. Did you put money into the offering? If you did, and the answer to any of the previous questions is “No”, then you have been “mislead”. What you need to do is sometime this week, and this would be a miracle, schedule a meeting with your pastor. If, on the outside chance, they can make time for you, you need to ask that they give you your money back.

Money Power Answers Sunday OfferingAnd here is why. That money that you gave represents something far more valuable than just money, and that is your time. Here’s what we mean. Let’s just say you make $20 an hour at your job. You have used 60 minutes of your life that you will never ever get back. Your time is far more precious than money. You spend your days working at a position in order to provide food, clothing, shelter, health care and some level of security for you and your loved ones. You are literally pouring your life into the lives of people (your children, your parents, your spouse, your pets, and those that need your help) every time you walk into wherever you are employed at. Outside of Almighty God no one else is going to give you any more time. It’s easy to get money (depending how much you want. Heck, we would give you $5 for a Starbucks coffee). You can go to a bank or a loan company and they’d loan you money. Who can you go to and get more time?

Now let us give you a little insight into the way ministers operate. Not just here in the Cincinnati Tri-state area, but in America in general. We are somewhat of an expert on this particular subject because we used to be ministers here in the tri-state area. Notice we said “used to be”. Why, you may ask, did you step down? It’s pretty simple. The word “minister” in its most honest interpretation is the word “servant”. Jesus did not come to be “ministered” to. He came to be a “servant”. Noooooooooo, it wasn’t because we were doing some horrible things behind the scenes. We were not having sex with someone we had no business having sex with. We were not “cooking the books” (our idea of cooking is called “take out”). When we realized that no one was being “born again” (in other words having their lives changed), no one was being physically healed (and we mean physically healed with proof, not this “inner healing” nonsense), no real miracles (you know, things that defy nature), we realized we were not doing what Jesus and the leaders of the first church were doing. When we came to that conclusion, we had no choice but to step down. The people that attended our church, we went with them to take them to other churches so they wouldn’t be churchless.

It’s not that we did not go to various pastors of various churches seeking how to do what Jesus did. Oh, we went, and we went, and we went. From spending time with them on an individual basis we came to a startling conclusion, they had no idea on how to do it either. And unfortunately, many of them didn’t particularly care. They were happy having meetings, preparing sermons, visiting people who were going through hard and painful times and patting them on their hand and saying, “The Lord understands what you are going through”. According to the New Testament Jesus and the elders of the first church not only understood what people were going through, they stepped in and solved the problem (no matter what the problem was). If the problem was healing, they got people healed. If the problem was demons (of course, all the demons must of left on a star ship approximately 150 AD, because there are none around here anymore, RIGHT?), they were set free. They taught people how to pray and then, here’s a shocker, to get what they prayed for! How’s that for a radical concept? You can actually get what you pray for (and we are not talking about strength to stand the test that “the Lord” is putting you through or allowing you to go through to make you stronger. I mean, since He is God and knows the future and knows you better than you know yourself, it seems odd that He doesn’t know if you are going to fail or pass the test. I bet a number of demons patted old Satan on the back and said, “Good one boss. Get them to thinking it was God that did this”. We could spend the next several hours showing from the words of Jesus himself that this is not true).

And now back to why you should GET you get your money back. You have put your money into a business (and we mean a 501c3 tax exempt corporation) and you’ve got nothing substantial for your investment. We, my friends, have been ripped off! And as long as we continue to pour our lives into this weak, ineffective and non-caring place that we call our church, we are enabling them to continue to exist and “OMG!” re-produce. If all you got from your “church service” was a good feeling, you are a candidate to become addicted to anything that gives you a good feeling.

PLEASE DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND US! WE ARE NOT BLAMING YOU! But what we are blaming is this ecclesiastical hierarchy that more closely resembles the Pharisees, and to a lesser extent the Sadducees, that Jesus and the first church had to put up with. We are not saying that every minister in the tri-state area is guilty of this, just a majority of them. If what we are saying is making you mad, good. But if, on the other hand, it’s having no effect on you whatsoever you’re already addicted to religion and may God have mercy on you. To paraphrase one of the most satanically inspired renowned persons of the 20th century, Karl Marx, “religion is the opiate of the masses”. And we all know opiates are pain killers. They not only kill our own personal pain, but also kill our ability to see the pain in others. And when you can’t see the pain in others, you see no reason to help them. And if you don’t see pain around you, you’re too “high” to drive.

With Love, Cincinnati Christian

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2 thoughts on “GET YOUR MONEY BACK !!

  1. It does seem like nothing is getting better in Cincinnati area or America. Quite the opposite in fact. If churches are working (being effective), why are things worse than they have ever been before. What is the money doing other than keep the doors open and pay the “staff”. I know the Bible prophesies that it will get worse, but shouldn’t Christians be doing more works of Jesus and doing more to defeat darkness? It is tiring to go to church and come home wondering why I wasted my time and money because I didn’t hear anything that will help me “live victoriously”.


    1. Dear Anonymous,
      Thank you very much for viewing the blog and responding. In regards to your observation “nothing is getting better in the Cincinnati area or America”, you’re right. How do we solve the problem? In all honesty there’s not a whole lot that you can do in regards to America and the Cincinnati area. At least not as one person. But here’s what you can do in your part of the Cincinnati area. Start with your own family. Start with your friends. Spend some time in the New Testament and in prayer for understanding. Then whatever you read you act upon it with your family and friends. In Matthew 6:14-16 Jesus said that you are the light of the world. He’s says to give light to all who are in the house. And then He said to let your light shine before men and they will see your good actions and glorify your Father in Heaven. So again, start with your part of Cincinnati. And the things you will learn you can in turn share with others so they may do the same thing with their family and their friends. Not saying it will be easy, but nothing of value ever is. Just remember the words of 1 John 4:4, He who is in you is greater than any problem you are going to face (paraphrased). The One who is in you will lead and guide you on how to accomplish this. Philippians 4:13 You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Just don’t give up. With love, Cincinnati Christian


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