Brutally honest – ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?

Mark16In this blog we are going to attempt to be brutally honest. Quite frankly, even though we enjoy the praise and worship, everything else after that for the most part is a waste of time. We sit there listening to messages that on the surface seem to be a lot of good ideas. But that’s all they are, good ideas. The Word of God, Old Testament and New Testament, speaks of a God who is filled with power. Both Testaments speak of men and women who HIs power flows through. They spoke what He said to speak and then He backed up what they said with His power. It wasn’t just nice words but real power to solve real problems. We firmly believe after much prayer, study and observation that there is a group of people in the Cincinnati area that God wants to use HERE AND NOW just like in the Bible. The problem is they just don’t know that yet. But when they come to know it and start to walk in it, they will be used as vessels of power and love and change the life of thousands of people in the Cincinnati area. And Jesus will get all the credit. The question is, ARE YOU ONE OF THEM? Maybe you are or maybe you’re not. But you will never find out if you never try. God is just waiting for a people to stand up and to declare that the God of the Bible EXISTS TODAY. And when these people start doing that, Almighty God will confirm what they say by undeniable displays of power. Please contact us if you think you might be “one of them”. If, on the other hand, you might think to yourself “God doesn’t want to use me like that”, there is a real good chance that YOU ARE EXACTLY who He wants to use! 1 Corinthians 4:20

With Love, Cincinnati Christian

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4 thoughts on “Brutally honest – ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?

    1. Hi Alan, You can contact us directly by using this email address. By the way, we love all your posts that we have read. Look forward to communicating with you. With love,W E Austin aka Cincinnati Christian

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