About Cincinnati Christian – The “Reboot”

This blog is a viewpoint from someone who was raised in a typical Christian family. My Father was a pastor of a typical Christian church. I went to a typical Christian school for a number of years. In my early teens I basically walked away. Why? Well, including the usual reasons, drugs, sex, drinking, sex, rock-n-roll, sex (yes, the word sex appears 3 times on purpose), but most of all, EXCITEMENT! I am not going to lie to you. I REALLY LOVED BREAKING THE RULES, and I was really good at it. As a matter of fact if the State of Ohio knew everything about me I would be in prison for the rest of my life. But they don’t, and I’m not going to give details. The point I’m trying to make here is simply this, I enjoyed just about every “sin” I practiced. Why? Because it was EXCITING!

My parent’s Christianity, and not just theirs but mainstream Christianity, was and is BORING! I remember as a small child hearing all these exciting stories about all these people who followed God. You know who I’m talking about;  

Abraham and his battle-trained 318 warriors

Moses unleashing the power of God on Egypt

Joshua and Caleb taking the Promised Land

Samson who had a disagreement with 1,000 Philistines (he won the argument, after he got done with them, no one had anything else to say to him because they were dead)

Elijah who called fire down from Heaven as part of his sermon

Elisha who had so much of the residual power of God in his corpse, that a dead man who was dropped on top of his corpse came back to life

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who basically told the King (paraphrased), “Do whatever you are going to do. We are not changing our minds. So go ahead and do it and quit talking about it.”

There was Daniel, who spent the night in a very bad place with some very large and very hungry lions. Those lions went hungry that night, but they had a huge breakfast of Daniel’s enemies the next morning.

Last, but in no way least, was a young teenager by the name of David. His older brothers gave him a hard time. Those older and wiser with more experience, King Saul for instance, tried to talk him out of killing this 9’ tall giant. He didn’t listen to them but rather charged right at Goliath and did to Goliath just exactly what he said he would do to Goliath. Can you say decapitation?

These were my heroes as a small child. But the older I became the more I was aware of the lack of the power of God around those who were following the same God. Here’s what I mean by that. Whatever the “sinners” were worried about, they were too. If everybody else was worried about the enemies of America, they were too. If everybody else was worried about the economy, they were too. If everybody else was afraid of sickness and disease, they were too. The same fear and prejudices that the “sinners” had, some also had, but not all of them. I watched kind and loving people over a period of time die slow, horrible deaths, and all of the time I heard, “This is God’s will.” And maybe, just maybe on some level, that’s what turned me against Him. To my way of thinking, if you live this kind of a life for 80 years with the hope that you will be in Heaven, what’s the point? My faith in the God of the Bible was replaced by the experiences of His followers that I could see right in front of me.

But then one night in my mid-twenties I met someone who turned my world upside down in a great way. His name is JESUS. And He began to teach me about Himself through the Gospels and the book of Acts. He is the brightest light in what can be a very dark world. He taught me the true nature of God Almighty, because He taught me about Himself. After a short period of time I now know what He really meant when He said, “I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.” I thought I knew excitement, but I didn’t have a clue. I also thought that I knew “Biblically based Christianity”. After a short period of time of reading about JESUS and the first church I really and truly wondered what religion I was raised in. And maybe that’s the problem. Christianity has been turned into one of the world’s “great religions”. Unfortunately, what is passing for “Christianity” here in America is a watered down version of the first church. Oh it’s big on being “religious”, but is very lacking when it comes to a real relationship. And as far as power goes, it relies on financial and political power. How’s that working out for us?




The reason that so many people who love JESUS, whether they are Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Charismatic, and many other labels we are not going to write, live so far below what JESUS suffered and died for and then rose again to give them is really quite simple, they just don’t understand the NEW AGREEMENT that Almighty God has written to mankind using the blood of His Son JESUS as the ink. God sent the best that He had, His name is JESUS, to show us, all of us, what He, God the Father, is really like. Those of you who are parents know that you would rather go through pain and suffering than to see your child go through it. That’s exactly what God did. He gave His first-born Son (JESUS) with the knowledge that His Son, after He was raised from the dead, would produce more sons and daughters who would inherit the life that He intended for Adam and Eve to live. That life is a life of overcoming any problems, situations, and circumstances that comes up against it. How? By simply acting on the Word of God, especially the New Testament.

So the purpose of this blog is to make ALL His people, no matter what church they go to, aware of the details in the New Covenant (New Testament). Your deliverance is in the details. Your healing and health are in the details. Your freedom from financial worries is in the details. Your abundant life, not just yours, but your kids and grandkids, and everybody else you know, it’s all in the details. You just need to read and to understand and then act on the details. And if you will do it consistently, no matter what problems, situations or circumstances that come up in this life, you will be more than a conqueror.

And that’s what we are all about.

With Love, Cincinnati Christian

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